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Meeting Review August 2023

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New Member: Richard Toy We now have 228 Active members.

Dan reminded members that dues of $55 are to be paid in September

Guests; Norbert Pirk, Peter Stone, Chris Millar, Rob Tautkus.

Can you help?

We have members who have mobility issues and need rides to and from meetings. If you can assist with this please see Steve Hyndman.

Bruce West on Activities

Base Borden sold out. Ice River Springs is October 17 and Meditech is November 19. Posters are on each table and signups are at the back. Bruce introduced Chris Meleskie as the new Activities Co-ordinator.

Rod Innes, Investments

The group has been re-instated and will be meting at the Legion on the 2nd Thursday of each month. They are excited to add new members

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Michael Coward our new Vice President
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Big thanks to Bruce West for his work on Outings.
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Chris Meleskie will be taking over from Bruce.

Carl Wintermeyer

Padding has 2 trips left. Lake Couchiching in August and Severn Falls on September 14. Travel: Lake Muskoka on September 25. Newfoundland on June 16-27, 2024. Norway Trip information is coming up. Dan Edwards is to be our Club Representative on the Travel Group. information on all trips is at the back.

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George Powell

George Powell has sent out information for the Annual General Meeting in September.

George is looking for his replacement as Secretary!

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Guest Speaker: Dean Lockhart on Electric Vehicles.

Dean as Owner of Collingwood Toyota gave a presentation from two perspectives, A) Retailer and B) Moral issues and how they will affect our daily lives.

As Electric Vehicles become the way of life with society moving that way and government mandates there are problems and challenges.

Some problems with Full Electric Vehicles are;

  • Rising demand with the cost of battery production materials means increased pricing.
  • Speed of the government mandate is faster than any previous introduction of new vehicles.

Dean went on to outline his view on… “What is Needed to Successfully Implement Electric Vehicles”?

  • Charging capability.
  • Market availability.
  • Production of higher cost cars.
  • Infrastructure of new building capability to accommodate Electric Vehicles.

Kultural Attaché:

Walter Barclay told many funny jokes that can be found on the Website under the Kultural Attache title. You will need to Login to view this area.


Carl Wintermeyer; Padding on Lake Couchiching. Severn falls on September 14. Travel: Newfoundland meeting tomorrow. Norway Trip for 12 days coming up. Dan Edwards is to be our Club Representative on the Travel Group.

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50/50 Winners

Left to Right David Green, Ralph Kirtcher, and Dean Lockhart (Speaker)

Next Meeting

Thursday September 21st AGM

Next Speaker: Peter Lang - Nuclear Energy Promo