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Meeting Review May 2024

The PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain Meeting Review is published following each regular meeting providing members with a summary of any meetings they may have missed. Prior Reviews can easily be found under the Meeting Reviews Tab above.


This meeting review is being prepared with a deep heart – David Eaman, who took great care in putting together the Newsletter and the Meeting Review of behalf of the Club, suddenly passed away last Thursday, just hours following the last PROBUS meeting.

We will all miss David a great deal, he was dedicated to his work and doing the best job possible on behalf of PROBUS Blue Mountain. His energy and enthusiasm on our management committee was one of the reasons why this Club has been so successful. He will be missed.

This meeting review, as a result, will be an abbreviated version that is incomplete due to information being unavailable and will cover only the major aspects of the meeting of May 16th.

Stephen Hyndman

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Call to Order and O’Canada

President’s Comments:

Stephen advised the members that if they are having any difficulty in logging into the web site, to let Bill Booth know so he can address the issue. Stephen also advised that if any one who has not had their picture uploaded to the web site, here is a camera available to take your photograph.

In Memorium:

None this month


There were four guests introduced.
Dan Needles (Stephen McKee)
Jim Schaus (Michael Coward)
Garnet Bruce (Chris Meleskie)
(name unknown)

New Member Induction:

Dan Edwards inducted four new members into the Club.

Bob Gair
Jack Denneboom
Norm Pryor
John Wettlaufer


Chris Meleskie conducted an overview of the upcoming activities and events. He spoke on:

  • Breakfast Group
  • Lunch Group
  • Kitchen Bridge Group
  • Investment Group
  • Hiking Group
  • Paddling Group
  • Nottawasaga Model RR tour
  • Annual Golf Tournament (last day for registering)
  • Sheffield Park Black History Museum Tour
  • Kings Wharf Theatre (tickets available for pickup)
  • Chris noted the need for waivers for the hiking and the paddling groups.
  • Jake Johnson spoke as a windup to the Collingwood Blues Hockey season, noting the great advantages to participating with this group for next year.
  • Monty Richardson spoke about next year’s Ski Legends trips encouraging those interested to check out the web site.


Bob Gair spoke about his time from graduating as a chemical engineer to his working career in private industry and in time with the Canadian Government. Noted was the number of times Bob and his wife had to move throughout Canada in his career, and dealing with the whims of the economy from very prosperous times to times of downsizing.

Kultural Attaché

The Club welcomed back Walter Barclay to his familiar role as the Club’s Kultural Attaché. He lead us through a number of humorous stories ranging from horrible golfing to Donald Trump.

Guest Speaker

Stephen McKee introduced Terry Fallis, renowned Canadian author.

Terry Fallis spoke about his new novel “A New Season” which is a departure from most of his previous works. It deals with aging, loss, friendship, and love, with themes that many members could relate to. He outlined his process for writing and developing his characters. Through his video presentation to his audio of one of his songs, he kept those in attendance glued to his presentation.

Stephen Hyndman thanked Terry for his presentation of behalf of the Club.

50/50 Winners

There were three winners:

  • David Thomson
  • Gene Peycha
  • Garnet Bruce

Next MeetingJune 20th at the Legion

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The PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain Meeting Review is published after each regular meeting. Content is provided by Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster Bill Booth makes it all look presentable. We will try to maintain the standards set by Dave Eaman.