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Meeting Review June 2024

The PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain Meeting Review is published following each regular meeting providing members with a summary of any meetings they may have missed. Prior Reviews can easily be found under the Meeting Reviews Tab above.

PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain

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Welcome to Monthly Meeting

Thursday June 20th

Call to Order and O’Canada

President’s Comments:

President’s Comments: Stephen began by noting that today was the first day of summer, the longest day of the year. A statement from Bill Booth was read indicating that due to some server issues, not all members received a copy of the newsletter. It is available on the website for anyone who did not receive it. He noted that he may be changing servers in order to avoid future problems.

In Memorium:

Ron noted that the only member who we lost last month was David Eaman. Ron indicated he spoke at the funeral on behalf of PROBUS Blue Mountain.


There were three guests introduced.
Buzz Carroll
Wayne Parrish
John Schram

New Member Induction:

Dan Edwards inducted three new members into the Club.

Don Arthur
Jim Schaus
Ian Griffin


Chris Meleskie conducted an overview of the upcoming activities and events. He spoke on:

  • Breakfast Group
  • Lunch Group
  • Kitchen Bridge Group
  • Hiking Group
  • Cycling Group (he noted that Monty is retiring from the coordinator role, to be assumed by Tom James)
  • Sheffield Park Black History Museum Tour
  • Padding Group
  • RCAF 100th anniversary tour
  • Angora Glass tour I- ce River 2 tour
  • Georgian PROBUS Travel Group
  • Ski Legends

Dan Edwards, the Club’s representative on the Georgian PROBUS Travel Group, spoke about some of the activities of the group and upcoming opportunities.

George Christie advised that anyone who would like to undertake a bike ride less strenuous than those undertaken by the Cycle Group, contact him for further information about easier rides through the trails in Collingwood.


Bill Barclay was this month’s profiler, and while he has been a member for some time, this was his first opportunity to provide his profile. He lead us through a number of interesting life experiences, some involving people who we all would recognize. No doubt Bill could have entertained us for much longer than his allotted time.

Kultural Attaché

Walter lead us through a number of humorous stories about men using women’s washrooms and buying fishing gear from a blind salesman.

Guest Speaker

George Pengelley introduced Basil A. Kalymon, Professor Emeritus, Western University.

Basil spoke about the war in Ukraine, from the perspective of economics. He noted how much of Russia’s GDP is being devoted to the war effort, interesting given that the GDP of Russia is similar in size to that of Canada.

Dr, Kalymon outlined the amount of money being spent by neighbouring NATO countries on defense in response to the aggression of Russia. He explained that the capacity of western countries to significantly increase defense spending relative to that possible by Russia is significant. In recognition that Russia’s only export of value is oil and gas, he noted that many consider Russia to be the equivalent of a gas station with nukes!

He fielded a number of probing questions from the floor about the war.

Stephen thanked Dr, Kalymon for his presentation and interesting perspectives of behalf of the Club.

50/50 Winners

There were three winners:

  • Brian Bailey
  • Graham Bickle
  • Tom Lamont

Next Meeting July 18th at the Legion

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