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Meeting Review January 2024


Larry Gee has retired from his Management Committee role for Support and Compassionate Care.

Please contact the incumbent if you would like more information on this important role.

O Canada:

In Memoria: A moment of silence was observed for the passing of Peter Ardill on December 26.

Guests: Phil Stark and Bob Gair were introduced to the membership.

New Member Induction: Dan Edwards presented badges and a copy of the club constitution to Gar Emmerson (left) and Bob Mills (centre)


  • Chris Meleskie reviewed a series of upcoming activities and encouraged the all members to review the website for detailed information.
  • Rod Inness reported on the January 9th Investment Group meeting and encouraged others to come out for the February 13th session.

Dan Edwards spoke on the upcoming trips to Newfoundland and Norway and sought suggestion for other trips of interest both in Canada (St. Lawrence cruise?) and abroad. We were directed to visit the Travel Group website for details.

Jake Johnston the OHL All Star outing and invited others to join in the next two scheduled games on February 2nd and February 23rd.


Richard Toy’s profile covered his grandparents’ immigration from Belgium, growing up in the Toronto Beaches, and 27 years with Molson at the Barrie plant. Following retirement, he resumed an active role in the Army Reserve and enjoyed six winters in Portugal.

Kultural Attache:

Doug Ellsworth picked up Walter’s “staff” and regaled us with a curated selection of humour. The jokes can be found under the “Members” tab on the Website.

Guest Speaker:

Bill Patrick introduced our speaker, Bonnie Campbell.

She immediately informed us that her husband was a doctor at CGMH and that her goal was to “put him out of business”!

Her presentation on aging well was excellent and her recommendations were well supported by peer reviewed studies.

In her view, exercise (particularly resistance exercise) is the key for seniors and that grip strength is a good measure of progress.
While there is no drug that can delay aging, her preferred supplements are creatine monohydrate, fish oil, and vitamin D.

Bring a Guest Winner:

George Christie

$50 in hand!

50/50 Winners:

Richard Toy

Nick Best

Michael Coward

Next Meeting February 15th at the Legion

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