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Next Meeting: March 21st

  • Collingwood Legion
  • Guests of Members are Welcome

March Speaker: David Steele - Collingwood Blues Hockey Club

Profiler: Tom Kritch

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March 2024 Newsletter

President’s Message

The clocks have moved forward, we have enjoyed unseasonably warm temperatures, both of which remind us that our return to outdoor living is just ahead. I know the gardeners are getting anxious, and cyclists are itching to get onto the trails, but as we know, it is only March. It is well advised to wait a bit longer for the spring season to fully unfold. Remember March lambs and lions?

There are a few initiatives underway at the Management Committee level that should be noted. Our Webmaster Bill Booth (who has done an amazing job with the website) will be obtaining from members of the management committee details of the various tasks that they perform, and more importantly the best practices they employ to carry out those tasks, which all will be posted on the website. This is critically important to ensure that as we move forward, those who may be considering stepping forward to volunteer on the Management Committee have an opportunity to understand what would be asked of them before they commit to letting their name stand. The loss of knowledge on how to best do things has been a problem, and through this process it is hoped transitions to new people can be achieved smoothly and seamlessly.

Another initiative underway is the reviewing of our operating by-law (or constitution if you prefer) which needs to be adjusted slightly to ensure it reflects the way we do business. Pretty boring I admit, but the club has evolved to an operating structure that is working well, so we need to ensure we can continue the way that works best for us. This should be ready by the time the AGM rolls around in September.

There are also a few niggling issues that the Management Committee is attempting to address. The intent is to put in place operating policies that will be fair and clear to all. Currently, we are addressing the issue of guests attending Blue Mountain PROBUS events – seems simple enough, but when you consider the range and types of events we are involved in, and the circumstances under which some of these events and activities occur, the issue does become a bit challenging. Stay tuned for further information on this, and other interesting issues.

Enjoy the longer daylight hours, and please do your best to get to our monthly meetings – it will be great to see you there.

Stephen Hyndman

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Bring a Friend to PROBUS

Bring a Friend to PROBUS (contest ending after the April meeting)   PROBUS is great fun!  Why not share it with your friends? Bring a friend and earn a ballot to win $50.  Do it soon because this program ends after the April meeting.  

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Cell Phone Use

Out of respect for our members and our speaker, please ensure that your cell phone is silent during the meeting.


Tom Kritch

Tom has listed Farming and Mental Health as his vocation and field of interest.


Our March21 speaker will be Dave Steele - Owner/President of the Collingwood Blues. In less than two years, Dave has developed a hockey team that ranks at the top of its division nationwide. He has recently completed negotiations with the Town for a 10-year lease extension on the Eddie Bush arena.

Personal Background: Husband to Christina, Father to Carter and Mack, Volunteer, Son of two Ontario Provincial Police officers, Hockey Enthusiast, Sponsored Race Driver.

Professional Background: Ex junior hockey player, York University alumni, President of Nutrafarms, Owner of Georgian Bay Meat Packers, Owner of Stayner Meat Packers, Owner of 400 Indoor RC Speedway, President of Optimist Club, Corporate partner to communities in Simcoe County.

Don Stockman

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Upcoming Activities/Outings

Sheffield Park Black History Museum

PROBUS Club of Blue Mountains has scheduled a visit to the Museum of Black History, 241 Clark Street, Clarksburg Ontario on Wednesday, June 26th, 2024 at 10:00 am.

This museum is a treasure you won’t want to miss, and it is right in our own backyard!

Following a group welcome and general introduction by Co-owner Carolynn Wilson we will proceed at our own individual pace to walk the grounds and visit your choices of the twenty themed heritage buildings. Note; that in addition to four more buildings since our last visit in 2019, there are also updates to the existing buildings.

Optional lunch at Winifred’s English Pub in Thornbury will follow starting at approximately 12:15 PM.

Sign up with Don McLoughlin including names and email address of those who will attend the Museum, as well as those who will attend the lunch.

Any doubts, check it out.

Don McLoughlin at

Breakfast Club

We will meet Thursday, March 28 at 9:00 am at Eggsmart

Marv Cohen


The official season will start on May 7th, however I expect we will all be cycling before then, so contact your friends and get out there!

Please review the documents on the web site under Cycling 2024, including the required waiver. Prices have come down on many bikes recently and if you are in the mood for an e-bike, review the 'e-bikes’ Basics overview', which we will put up on the web site to give you some ideas on where to start.

Monty Richardson

Investment Group

Our next meeting, April 9th – 9:30 to 11:30 at the Collingwood Library, will feature Tom Lamont who will share his many years’ experience as a stock broker/advisor/feature writer, plus THE GAME update. You will want to be there. New members welcome.

Rod Inness

King's Wharf Theatre Outing

Embark on an exhilarating journey through time with ‘Rock of Ages', a play that seamlessly blends history, humor, and rock 'n' roll into a one-of-a-kind experience. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the energy and excitement of this theatrical phenomenon.

When: Thursday June 27that 2pm.

Location: King's Wharf Theatre, 97 Jury Dr., Penetanguishene

Price: $52 / person

To Pay: E-transfer to anytime. Please add your name and “Kings Wharf” in the comment section of the e-transfer.

Credit or Bank card can be used at the monthly meeting in March. A transaction fee will be applied. Regrettably we cannot accept cash or cheques.

We have a limited number of tickets so please purchase as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out.

If you require wheel chair access, please let us know when you are purchasing your tickets.

David Thomson

Kitchen Bridge Group

The Kitchen Bridge group continues to meet the first and third Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. at the legion. Great relaxed camaraderie.

We welcome all who have an interest in the game of bridge -- whether a beginner or expert.

Play commences at 1:00 pm but, if you cannot come until later, come anyway. We will fit you into a game throughout the afternoon.

George Powell

Lunch Club - April

Please join us for lunch on Wednesday, April 10th at noon.

Where: Fig & Feta, Greek Eatery & Market

61 Hurontario Street, Collingwood

Chris Meleskie


Our Collingwood Blues (#1 team in canada) have reached the playoffs!

Check the website Calendar for future game updates.

Jake Johnston


The annual PROBUS Golf Tournament will be held at Duntroon Highlands Golf Club on Thursday, June 6th with a 9 hole shotgun start a 3:00 pm.

$110.00 PER PERSON ($53 for Duntroon Members)

Includes Green fees, Power cart, Dinner, Gratuities, and Prizes.

Payment via etransfer to anytime. Please add your name and “Golf” in the comment section of the e-transfer. or at a Monthly meeting with credit or bank card.

David Thomson

Activity/Outings Leader News

Breakfast Club

February 22nd at Georgian Family Restaurant

Marv Cohen

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Investment Group

March 5th at the Collingwood Library

A lively and thoughtful discussion of last meeting’s speaker, Rob McClelland’s ten considerations for improving odds for successful investing revealed the deep knowledge that is endemic within our members and the diverse approaches that can be successfully employed in selecting and managing investments – including finding the right advisor for those who are not inclined to DIY.

With the time remaining, we briefly considered Investment selection; goal setting; things to look for; what to expect; managing the unexpected and sources of information. This will be further pursued at future meetings. Speaking of which….

Our next meeting, April 9th – 9:30 to 11:30 at the Collingwood Library, will feature Tom Lamont who will share his many years’ experience as a stock broker/advisor/feature writer, plus THE GAME update. You will want to be there. New members welcome.

Rod Inness

Lunch Club:

On February 14th a small but great group enjoyed award winning BBQ at The Smoke. 

13 members on March 13th !  How lucky is that, especially at the Wasaga Beach Casino. Ingress/egress was a little tricky, but thank goodness for the roundabouts. Food was great and the venue fantastic! 

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Once again, our PROBUS members had a most enjoyable evening watching an exciting hockey game watching the Collingwood Blues at the Eddie Bush Arena on Friday, February 23! 
This was preceded by a time of fellowship and fun at Montanas for our “pregame meal”! 
See the picture for proof of a good time. 
You may want to look at this event for a great outing even if you are a marginal hockey fan. 
Great fun: good pregame food and humour, exciting hockey and guaranteed fellowship!

Our next outing on March 3rd was preceded with another delightful dinner at Montanas.

The game itself was a thriller with Collingwood winning 2-1 in double overtime!”

Seventeen PROBUS members attended the Collingwood Blues first playoff game on March 8th. 
They were treated to exciting end to end hockey with the Blues eventually winning 2-1 in double overtime! 
Before the group enjoyed a great meal and fun conversation at Kelsey’s. The happy picture tells it all! 
We look forward to seeing more playoff games. Details will be forthcoming.

Jake Johnson    416-571-8322

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Ski Legends

As reported last month, Ski Legends had a record year even with the poor conditions. The skiing is now over, however the very popular season ending breakfast at TSC will take pace on March 25th.

Monty Richardson

Travel Group

For PROBUS members/friends who would like to travel with local people and create new friendships, Georgian PROBUS Travel Group is proceeding with the following two trips.

1-CIRCUMNAVIGATION OF NEWFOUNDLAND: June 16-27th, 2024. For those who love learning experiences, small ship travel, and unique experiences. We still have space with no single supplement and a group discount.

For further info please call Brenda Chapman at 705-444-1161

2-NORWEGIAN COASTAL VOYAGE from Bergen to Trondheim: September 17-27th, 2024. We still have group pricing and space.

For further information please call Gloria at 705 429 9455.

Most of the members booked on this trip are going early to experience the fabulous train program from Oslo to Bergen. Then train Trondheim to Oslo.

Check out the new website

Dan Edwards

Now that you're here ...

Take a look at the rest of the website. We have info on activities, calendar, speakers list and so on.

If you need to look up fellow PROBUS MEMBERS, you can login the to the Memebr's area. A number of members contribute to this content, so please check it out.

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The PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain News Letter is published several days before the regular meeting of the month, informing members of upcoming events and activities, and other newsy stuff! We encourage Group organizers to write up events, including photos, and submit them to Dave Eaman.

The Webmaster, Bill Booth, will make it all look presentable.