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November Zoom Meeting


Your PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain is alive and "coping"! We want to invite all members to take part in a Zoom Presentation of a noted Guest Speaker coming up in November.

An exciting adventure!

I am happy to report that Councillor Mariane McLeod has agreed to be our guest speaker on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH, AT 11:00 AM.

Councillor McLeod will be speaking about the challenges and opportunities we're facing in Collingwood, and, possibly a few comments on the judicial inquiry if there's time.

During our conversation, she agreed to keeping her presentation to 30 minutes which will give us time to welcome everyone and introduce her and thank her at the end.

Please put this into your calendars!!!!!!

Your Management Committee

P.S. Thank you to all the members who responded to the Zoom Survey. Your input was important.

Welcome to the PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all our IN PERSON meetings have been suspended through to at least the end of this calendar year. The Legion Hall, our meeting place, is currently serving as an emergency 25 bed facility for the Collingwood GM Hospital. (fortunately, still empty!)

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