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We are pleased to announce that PROBUS Blue Mountain is going to continue our virtual meetings throughout the summer via Zoom. Look for us on the Third Thursday of the month.

We will skip the meeting in September to give you one more shot at all the pre-winter activities you can muster.

Planning an AGM IN PERSON on October 21, 2021

In case you missed it ...

Zoom August 19th

Speaker- Malcolm Kelly
Topic- Author of the novel SPROG

   Video of August 19th Meeting    

Zoom July 15th

Speaker- Linda Beck
Topic- Cole Porter

   Video of July 15th Meeting    

Project Selfie - a.k.a. Mug Shot -- Let's get going!!

So far, we have about 13 mug shots enlisted. Please share yours!

We are not going to be able to meet in person for at least the next several months, so ...

This is your chance to shine gents! You know that guy you met, "Bill", but no clue what his last name is? Well it's understandable since we have 18 Bills in the club. There is a solution.

We want each member to send a head-and-sholders selfie to the Webmaster. This photo will be added to your member listing like so:

Any questions or issues, let me know.

Welcome to the PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all our IN PERSON meetings have been suspended through to at least the end of this calendar year. The Legion Hall, our meeting place, is currently serving as an emergency 25 bed facility for the Collingwood GM Hospital.

Ontario is slowly opening up, but caution to remain safe!

See you on Zoom. Take Care.

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