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It was so sad in May this year. to see that the weather in Scotland was exceptionally good, overall. It was a fabulous and interesting explore of the north.

I have been in touch with the company that is holding our deposits and they are still in business , in some fashion. They have been around for a long time ,so I hope they know how to survive.

With any luck, we can redo Scotland in May 2021( 8th) and Croatia in the fall of 2021. This all depends on a vaccine. Seniors are at risk and there can be no compromises.

Like every day now….. We have to be flexible and Scotland and Croatia will be shifted according to the winds of COVID.

Hopefully we can have a vaccine and visit the Highlands May 2021. IF you are still desirous of the Croaita trip that was a combination if a yacht/bike week and a land tour week, please contact Jaqui at 647-404-9380 and have her add you to her list for the fall of 2021.

Hopefully , thereafter, we will be able to offer Madeira and Portugal.

Best to all on behalf of the GPTG….gloria thompson

Co-ordinator: Carl Wintermeyer

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