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PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain Probus Logo

Opportunities Available - Get Involved

Our Club can only function with volunteers from its membership. Currently there are a number of opportunities for you to help out.

Management Committee:

Incoming Vice President The new Incoming VP will be John Hillier.

We welcome him to the Management Committee.

Events Coordinator

Bob Halpenny has stepped into this position. He will be looking for members to help organizing various club functions as we go along. He would like some assistants to help with certain events. Let him know your availability.

Other Opportunities:

King’s Wharf Event Organizer

The Club has traditionally enjoyed this group theater outing but needs a volunteer to organize the event if it is going to happen this summer. The task involves working with Drayton entertainment, selecting the show (or shows) that would interest the membership, gauging member interest, ordering and distributing tickets. Contact: Doug Ellsworth 705-445-4418

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