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News Letter November 2022

Next Meeting: November 17th

Collingwood Legion
Coffee: 9:30 a.m.
Meeting: 10:00 a.m.
Lunch: 12:00 at the Legion

Meeting Agenda

Speaker: Terry Gregson, retired NHL Referee
Topic: [Profile at]
Profiler: John Gallagher

Management Committee

  • President: Ron Mitchell
  • Vice President: John Hillier
  • Treasurer: Gene Peycha
  • Membership: Dan Edwards
  • Past President: Doug Ellsworth
  • Secretary: George Powell
  • Newsletter: Jake Johnston
  • Support & Compassionate Care: Larry Gee
  • Ex-Officio: Doug Smith
  • Webmaster: Bill Booth

Club Leaders

Bridge: George Powell
Ski Legends: Monty Richardson
PROBus Travel: Carl Wintermeyer
Cycling: Monty Richardson
Paddling: Carl Wintermeyer
Investment: Ed Long

From the President

Looking forward to seeing many of our fellow members at our November 17th general meeting.

You will be provided with updates on our Xmas Luncheon, tentative Curling Spiel and and a very special announcement regarding a new initiative on guest speakers.

And speaking of guest speakers, a shutout to Andy Donato for last month's tremendous presentation. Hopefully future speakers will be equally entertaining.

See you on the 17th.

Ron Michell

Investment Group

The Investment Group is on hold until further notice.

Kitchen Bridge

The Kitchen Bridge group has expanded! They will now meet both the FIRST and THIRD Thursday of each month in the Atlantic Room at the legion.

Start time is 1 p.m. New members are most welcome!


The cycling group had a good year with few weather cancellations, we had trips scheduled across our region from Wiarton To Port Severn and everything in between. We have issued a survey form to our members, administered by Dick Edwards and we hope to get a lot of feedback on what our members really want to do in the future. Everyone is encouraged to fill a survey out soon. Email to Dick Edwards. The new manager of the cycling group will be announced soon, but in the interim Monty Richardson will perform this function. Carl Wintermeyer


The Paddling group which started during the covid plaque has grown to a respectable 26 members in 2 years. We have had two years of paddling trips well attended with small groups of 6-8 paddlers. Many Probus members still do not know that we have a vibrant paddling season schedule. Your committee will meet again next April to finalize the 2023 agenda. We hope these new trip venues will entice more paddlers to join us. The rivers and Lakes of Ontario await us. We have a paddling survey circulating amongst our members administered by Dave Hambly Please fill this out asap and Email to David Hambley so that we can tailor our trips to your needs. Carl Wintermeyer


The Georgian Probus Travel Group GPTG is a group of Probus clubs representing 17 clubs in the Georgian Bay region. We have been Dormant during the Covid crisis period and have now begun to meet and focus on new trips for all the demographic groups in Probus. We presently have a trip to Scotland available in May 2023, which is half filled. (see poster in the travel page.). Contact Gloria Thompson We are planning an active trip program and will be issuing a survey to understand our members wishes. Carl Wintermeyer

Ski Legends -

please go to the article under Activities for updates.

50/50 Winners

50/50 OctoberLeft to right Grant Matheson, David Thomson, Julian Tsafaroff, Don Paul

Walter Barclay

Walter's wit can be viewed in the Member's Section (You will have to log in)

Highlights of the October, 2022 Meeting

We opened with O Canada. It must be noted that there was a larger than normal crowd! Maybe it was due to the guest speaker but it was a good omen to see for our future!


Dan Edwards reported that the membership is 157 and after today is 175. The Management Committee is looking at ways to increase membership.

President Ron asked for Profilers to step forward. He also asked members to talk to Doug Ellsworth with Guest Speaker ideas and he thanked Rob Johnston for his technical expertise in setting up today’s guest speaker.


Marty Wilkinson, Rob Dilworth (a friend of Dan Edwards), Ron Wright were introduced and hopefully picked up membership applications. (Rob did, and will be formally introduced as a new member at the November meeting.)

Guest Speaker: Andy Donato

Ron and Andy Andy gave a most entertaining presentation while drawing some of his most famous cartoons on the video source set up by Rob Johnston. There were lots of jokes and stories about famous politicians and other noted people. As he drew some of them he asked us to guess who it was? The striking resemblance of his caricature to the actual person was remarkable. Couple this with the caption and the background and you had a funny story!

Profiler Eugene Peycha

October 20 2022 Born in Brantford Ontario – Youngest by 8 years of 7 children

Attended primary school and high school in Brantford

Attended University of Toronto and graduated in Pharmacy in 1965

Worked in Brantford after graduation. Married to Riki in January 1968

Moved to Hamilton in September 1968. Moved to Collingwood in September 1969 and began working for Stuart Ellis.

Daughter Lesley was born on March 1970. Beware the Ides of March.

Bought our first house in Collingwood in July 1970

Became a partner in Stuart Ellis Pharmacy in November 1970

Joined Collingwood Rotary Club in June 1972

Served as President of Blue Mountain Golf and Country Club in 1973. Was able to facilitate the purchase of the extra 20 acres to the north west of the club which gave the club enough land to be able to go to 18 holes in the future.

Son Andrew was born May 27 1973

Assumed complete control of Stuart Ellis Pharmacy in November 1974

Bought our second house in 1975.

Joined the Collingwood Ski Club in Winter of 1975. My wife Riki who was a non skier at that time became president of the club a couple of years later and about that time Gord Canning from Blue Mountain suggested we could hold a Ski Swap to raise money for the club. We could use central base lodge free of charge. The president assigned the responsibility for organizing that event to me to be held on Thanksgiving weekend. This was the week after Labour day. I had no Idea what that was and had never been to the big one at the Ex. With the help of a couple of members who had been to one we got it off the ground and managed to make a couple of hundred dollars. It grew
to the point where profits were in the thousands.

After I took the kids on a ski holiday to Whistler in 1979 my wife Decided she had to take up skiing and just when my kids didn’t want to Ski with Dad, now I had my wife tagging along.

Expanded the footprint of the store as much as possible on that site in The mid 70’s

Started building our third house in September 1979. Bought the Johnson Hardware building south of the pharmacy location In January 1986. Opened the new location in August 1986.

After a couple of remodelling’s in the mid 90’s expanded the business to include custom compounding of special medications.

Served as President of Collingwood Rotary Club in 1986 when Polio Plus Campaign was started and the club’s continuous contributions to the Hospital foundation was started. Both commitments ongoing today.

Bought a condo in Cathedral City California in 2002. Spent parts of the Next 17 winters there. Sold in April 2019.

Retired in 2007. Worked part time for a couple of years Gave up License.

Daughter Lesley married, and also a pharmacist has 2 sons , both graduate engineers. One working in Fort St. John and Vancouver on Peace River Dam BC Hydro project. Other working for Tatham Engineering in Collingwood. Son Andrew married has one son currently in Grade eight . Andrew is a fine artist specializing in Landscapes and has works hanging from Australia , across North America to the UK. The 13 yr old grand son Just finished building a motorized go-kart using an old lawn-mower Engine and Welding the frame out of discarded steel bars Wife Riki developed Breast Cancer in 2013, underwent 6 moths of chemo, followed by Surgery and then five years of drug treatment and when that stopped working moved on to a couple of newer drugs which seems to have stabilized things.

Because of the drug regimen we have limited opportunities for travel And then covid didn’t help. I foolishly volunteered to serve as treasurer of this club in September 2021 thinking that after covid restrictions were finished I could pack up after a couple of years, but the president keeps telling me I have no chance of Parole in the near future.

Scheduled Speakers

  • January 2023 Ron Emo Collingwood history
  • April 2023 Ashley Morrison Georgian Bay Forever Public education and scientific research to protect Georgian Bay Removal of plastic fibres.

Christmas Luncheon

  • Location: OslerBrook Golf and Country Club

  • Time:11:30 Social with Luncheon to follow.

  • Menu: Full 3 course meal

  • Spouse or partner welcome
  • Registration: In Person at Club meetings on October 20, or by e-transfer (make interac payment to
  • Cost: $65.00. per person
  • Please include your name and your guest's name.

PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain
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