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News Letter March 2022

Next Meeting: March 17th

Collingwood Legion
Coffee: 9:30 a.m.
Meeting: 10:00 a.m.
Lunch: 12:00 at the Legion

Meeting Agenda

Speaker: TBA

Management Committee

  • President: Ron Mitchell
  • Vice President: John Hillier
  • Treasurer: Gene Peycha
  • Membership: Dan Edwards
  • Past President: Doug Ellsworth
  • Secretary: George Powell
  • Newsletter: Jake Johnston
  • Support & Compassionate Care: Larry Gee
  • Ex-Officio: Doug Smith
  • Webmaster: Bill Booth

Club Leaders

Ski Legends: Monty Richardson
PROBus Travel:
Cycling: Carl Wintermeyer
Paddling: Carl Wintermeyer
Investment: Ed Long

Double Vaccination & Masks are required!

Message from the President

Our first meeting back at the legion went well. PROBUS is about fellowship and it was nice to get together and socialize once again. Your Management Committee is working hard to get things back to normal but needs your help. We are asking people to come forward and offer their services to fill openings on the Management Committee. We also need volunteers to help organize outings to theatres, tours, etc. as they start opening up. We may encounter problems booking speakers in the short term as not many are ready to drive to their presentations. See you “live’ on St. Patrick’s Day!

Regards, Doug Ellsworth, President

Investment Group

The Investment Group is alive and well. Our meetings are usually the second Tuesday of the month with three months off in the Summer. Our next meeting is scheduled for April 12, 2022, hopefully at the Collingwood Library.

Bob Sanelli took responsibility for the group over the last several years but now has stepped down. It is a large and time-consuming task. Many thanks Bob.

Since Quarter 1, 2020 markets have recovered nicely and reached new highs in November 2021 and January 2022.

Come and share your ideas and questions with fellow club members.

Ed Long

Kitchen Bridge

See you April 7th at the Legion.

First Thursday of the month at 1:00 p.m. at the Legion. I would appreciate you letting me know of your interest and whether you can attend.

We will be need to follow Covid -19 regulations as we did at the AGM ( A Mask, Proof of being double vaccinated and have Photo ID ) George Powell 705 443 8443

George Powell

Cycling and Paddling

There are no updates for cycling and paddling at this time. Organizers for these groups will be meeting in April to finalize the ride and trip schedules which will begin in May. Stay tuned for messages to come!

Carl Wintermeyer

Vice President Position

Incoming Vice President: This position will be presented to the membership at our next Annual General Meeting for election as Vice President of the Club.

Contact; Ron Mitchell (705) 915-1684

Ron Mitchell

Events Coordinator The Events Co-ordinator solicits and accepts suggestions from the membership and finds a volunteer or volunteers to arrange and organize the event.

The Management Committee is pleased to welcome back Bob Halpenny to this post. He is looking forward to your support and involvement in future event planning.

Computer Group

Since Bill Booth is not “locally” available, we need a replacement to headman the Computer Group. Contact Bill for info and help.

Contact: Bill Booth (705) 446-2508

AV Setup Person

Responsible for setting up the Club projector at Legion meetings and assisting the speaker to connect to his/her devices.

Contact: Bill Booth (705) 446-2508

King’s Wharf Event Organizer

The Club has traditionally enjoyed the group theatre outing but needs a volunteer to organize the event for this Summer. The task involves contacting Drayton Entertainment, selecting the show (or shows) that could be of interest to the members, gauging their interest, then ordering and distributing tickets.

Contact: Doug Ellsworth (705) 445-4418

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