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News Letter February 2020

Management Committee

  • President: Eddie Sokoloff
  • Vice Pres: Doug Ellsworth
  • Past Pres: Monty Richardson
  • Treasurer: Douglas Smith
  • Secretary: George Powell
  • Membership: David Eaman
  • Events: Doug Ellsworth
  • Support: Stewart Carter
  • Newsletter: Jake Johnston
  • Webmaster: Bill Booth

Club Leaders

Cycling: Carl Wintermeyer
Computer: Bill Booth
Investment: Bob Sanelli
Legends: Monty Richardson

Annual Curling Bonspiel

Thursday, February 6, 2020 was the annual Probus Invitational Bonspiel held at the Collingwood Curling Club and sponsored by our club, the Probus Club of Blue Mountain. The event was another success story attracting 2 full draws representing 5 out of town locations (8 teams) and 9 local Probus clubs.

The Collingwood Curling Club again shined with their show of hospitality displayed by the many volunteers willing to assist during the day, under the solid leadership of Jack Thorndike.

Margot Bulmer, Carol Godin and Joy Woodward were up early to greet the early draw for breakfast. Julie Simpson, Marg Webb, Penny Millar and Noreen Baker braced themselves for two hungry draws at lunch with Louise Watt and Cheryl Wild batting cleanup at the end on the day.

The early draw was close with Team Selihar (Markdale) trailing Team Riches by only a point! However Team Riches (Bob Riches – skip; John Boyd – vice; Jody LaPlante – 2nd; Fred Gardner – lead) fell back in the second game and were overtaken by the mixed team of Team Selihar (Wally Selihar – skip; Ann Hain – vice; Barry Matthews – 2nd; Debby McClure – lead) to win the early draw title. Of special note, the Harbourland Team skipped by Elaine Klassen (Wendy Young – vice; Jo-Anne Morrison – 2nd; Donna Hurst – lead) won their two games and jumped into second place. For two years in a row Team Klassen has been right in the mix!

Certainly between draws all teams were looking for either celebratory or conciliatory drinks. Again our volunteers came to their aid with Kelly Nesbitt and Nancy Smith providing the refreshments early and Linda Gibson and Ted Sandford providing relief late in the day.

The late draw saw some cracker jack games and a 3-way race for the late title and overall Probus title. All of these teams were Blue Mountain Probus and were determined to keep the title with the host club.

Team Lanktree (Brent Lanktree C– skip; Lucy Kuhn – vice; George Coleman – 2nd; Rick Armitage – lead) had to settle for 3rd place with a two game total of 33.25 points. Team Morrison ( Murray Morrison – skip; Eldie Benson – vice; Eamon O’Dowd – 2nd; Larry Gee – lead) charged ahead to 33.75 points but couldn’t hold off the 2018 Probus title holders of Team Pinkerton led by skip Cam Pinkerton (George Rutherford – vice; John Holden – 2nd; Dan Crabb – lead). They dominated their 2nd game to collect a total of 34.75 points and their second title in 2 years!

Congratulations to Team Pinkerton and a huge thank you to all the teams that represented their clubs so well at this year’s event!

The success of the bonspiel was due to the many club members who helped in so many ways to ensure that everyone had a enjoyable time!

Probus Bonspiel winners were a Blue Mountain Probus team. Cam Pinkerton (holding Trophy) with Dan Crabb, George Rutherford and John Miller.


Any tickets left will be sold by Don McCullough at the February meeting.
“Fiddler on the Loose” July 30th 2 p.m.
Cost: $44.00 each



50/50 Winners

The 50/50 winners for January were Robin Randall, Marv Cohen, Rudy Chiaranini, Jake Johnston. Two of these four are responsible for selling 50/50 tickets at the February meeting.

Probus Travel Group

New details on upcoming travel opportunities have been posted on the web site. Bus Tour in Croatia to go along with the Cycle/Sail tour in 2021. Don’t hesitate - these trips sell out quickly.

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