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News Letter August 2020

Management Committee

  • President: Eddie Sokoloff
  • Vice Pres: Doug Ellsworth
  • Past Pres: Monty Richardson
  • Treasurer: Douglas Smith
  • Secretary: George Powell
  • Membership: David Eaman
  • Events: Doug Ellsworth
  • Support: Stewart Carter
  • Newsletter: Jake Johnston
  • Webmaster: Bill Booth

Club Leaders

Cycling: Carl Wintermeyer
Computer: Bill Booth
Investment: Bob Sanelli
Legends: Monty Richardson


President’s Comments

I hope that this communication finds you well. Your Management Committee has been meeting on a regular basis both by Zoom and in person to keep us all aware of Probus issues and as you will read in the Newsletter/Update, the activities of the sub-committees.

We’ve been trying to find ways that our special events could continue but, the protocols put in place by government and health care specialists make it impossible to put any of these in place.

Just as soon as we reach some form of normalcy your Management Committee will be in touch once again. Hopefully this will come sooner than later and safely!!!

In the meantime, please stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy the Summer.


Eddie Sokoloff President, PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain

Board Actions

Motions passed by the Management committee on August 5, 2020.

  • Motion 1. Moved by David Eaman and seconded by Doug Smith that Club opening will occur when the government regulations permit. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Motion 2. Moved by David Eaman and seconded by Doug Smith that current paid members shall receive a credit for 6 months dues applied to their 2020-2021 membership renewal fee when meetings resume. Motion passed unaminously.
  • Motion 3. Moved by David Eaman and seconded by Monty Richardson that when the Probus Blue Mountain Club meetings are allowed to resume that the meeting shall be conducted as an Annual General Meeting. Motion passed unaminously.
  • Motion 4 Motion 4 was with respect to the payment of Probus Blue Mountain dues to Probus Canada and was tabled until the government guidelines are in place to reopen Probus Blue Mountain and Director’s and Officer’s insurance issues regarding Covid19 coverage are clarified. note: members of the Management committee are investigating these issues with the National Probus Office.

Activities and Updates

Discussion took place at the August 5, 2020 Management Committee meeting that activities and events might be possible if the insurance issues are satisfactorily resolved and not an issue now that groups up to 50 people inside and a larger group outside are allowed and Zoom meetings are available.

  • Cycling. Monty Richardson will check with Carl Wintermeyer.
  • Lawn Bowling was checked into by Eddie Sokoloff but with the clubhouse off limits it would be impossible to stage an event comfortably if at all.
  • Hiking. Various Club members may be involved.
  • Ski Legends. Monty Richardson will look into it.
  • Computer Group. Bill Booth will not be back until September. Meantime, check out his Blog for updates.
  • Bridge Group. George Powell will look into it.

Investment Group

Please see the message from Bob Sanelli below.

Our Investment Group meetings are always on the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 12 noon. The September meeting will be held on September 8/2020 at the Library if it can be held there. If not then it will be online. Our speaker will be Jamie Carrasco. His main topic will be Bitcoin. If this topic does not garner interest, he may give an overview and his opinion on investing during these turbulent times.

The same plan will apply for the October 13/2020 meeting as for time and location. The speakers from KJH, Sarah Bull and Joel Clark will give their views on current events.

The November 10/2020 presenters from Milestone are Paul Mitchell and Dan Solomon will bring some interesting investment information to us. It is our intention to have live presentations as stated above but due to Covid 19 restrictions we may have to do the meetings as webinars online. Please contact Bob Sanelli at for more details.

Finally, stay well, stay healthy and remember that an expert is one that has made all the mistakes.
Hoping that you are all coping well.


It is worth repeating to follow the health guidelines for coping with the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Wash your hands often - Keep social distancing - Wear a mask in public - Be aware of and follow any local health advice from professionals

Although we may be in an “isolation” state we are far from being alone and facing loneliness. Use the technology that you are comfortable with to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. In our community there are plenty of areas to enjoy the out of doors while practicing social distancing, so get outside.

Lastly, as Eddie said in his message, “keep a positive attitude”. Stress comes when we feel that we do not have choices. Our attitude we can choose and control.

Take care.

News Editor: Jake Johnston

PROBUS Management Team

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