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From the Webmaster

Welcome to the New Look website. Hope you like it!

Over the years, I have tried to make this site the place to get information, keep in touch with fellow members, announce events, and celebrate happenings. This refresh will keep all the features you have grown used to, and add a few new wrinkles (just like us).

The most important thing I need from the membership is INPUT. The good news is that providing such material is as easy as sending me an Email with the information. No FORMATTING required! (Actually, if you make a fancy document, it will slow me down). Now the guys running the Cycling and Paddling programs have gotten really good at updating their outings.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in a web site. All of our Member Information; name, address, etc. is kept in a data base, as are events, Kulture Jokes, Management Lists, and so on. A growing (but needs more INPUT) folder contains all our Mug Shots. Please submit one if you have not already done so.


I thought that listing monthly Birthdays would be a nice personal touch. Just send me your date. No need to reveal Year of birth, but hey, no spring chickens here anyway.

Community Events will be listed. PROBUS can not really promote outside commercial events, but we are active members of the community, and can get groups of like-minded friends together for example, Kings Wharf or Collingwood Theatre. We will not be sharing our Mailing List with these event organizers. If you hear about a good event, let us know. Our ultimate goal is to encourage participation and add value to being a member of PROBUS.

Bill Booth

PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain
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