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Welcome to the PROBUS Group 2020 Cycling Schedule

The Cycling Group is gearing up for a new season.
Schedule is subject to change!
You MUST have a signed Waiver to participate!
Cycle Group Management
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Management FunctionsContactPhone
  • Ride Schedule
  • Ride Leader Roster
  • Preride Team Roster
  • Discovery Ride Team Roster
  • Ride Leader Meeting
  • Committee Meeting Manager
Carl Wintermeyer 705-444-6796
  • Ride Poster Email
  • Ride Cancellations
  • Waivers
  • Member Roster
Monty Richardson 705-888-2411
  • Bandage Kit & Radios
  • Safety & Liability
Dan Edwards 705-443-8833
  • Member Surveys
Bob Miller 705-445-8101

PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain
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