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All Activities are CANCELLED

Among the benefits of being a PROBUS Club member are the many focus groups within the club. Regular meetings are held for like-minded members to learn, discuss, and to enjoy particular activities, from skiing to bridge playing. Check out the particulars under the tabs.

Investment Group

The Investment Group meets on the Second Tuesday of the month, from 9:45 A.M. until Noon at the Collingwood Library. Guest speakers are invited to deliver insight into various investment strategies and topical finacial subjects. There is a $4.00 fee per attendee to cover the library costs.

Online Meeting May 15, 2020

PDF Meeting Review
Bob Sanelli

Computer Group

The Computer Group gathers on the Fourth Thursday of the month (one week after the PROBUS monthly meeting). Meetings are held at the Collingwood Library from Noon until 2:00 P.M. A $4.00 per attendee fee overs the library costs.

Focus is on the IT world: new developments, software and hardware issues, general discussion of high-tech. Members are welcome to bring a snack!

Bill would like to receive Requests for the next meeting subjects. Discussion Request
January meeting Synopsis

Masters of Kitchen Bridge

The Masters are an informal group of PROBUS Members who meet every second Wednesday at Collingwood Leisure Time Centre, 100 Minnesota St., Collingwood.

Check the calendar for specific dates.

We welcome all who have an interest in the game of bridge -- whether a beginner or expert.

Play commences at 1:00 pm but, if you cannot come until later, come anyway. We will fit you into a game throughout the afternoon.

Did you know?

There are 52! (52 factorial) ways to shuffle a deck of cards.
That is 8.0658175... × 10^67 (1 followed by 67 zeros)
Just shuffle a deck of cards and it is likely that you are the first person ever with that particular order.

PROBUS Ski Legends

Ski Legends combines all PROBUS clubs in the region, and they maintain their own website: PROBUS Ski Legends Follow the link to their site - under Membership is an Application Form.

Tai Chi Group

We are currently forming a PROBUS Tai Chi Club. The purpose is to introduce our members to a Low impact activity which targets balance issues and sharpens the mind.

On the physical level, the TaoistTai Chi arts. exercise the entire physiology, including the tendons, joints, connective tissue and the internal organs. Working on these movements under the guidance of an accredited Instructor contributes to better balance and posture, Increased strength and flexibility, improved circulation, and peace of mind.
We hope to get a beginners class going by February.

To sign up or request further information please: Email Doug Ellsworth

To introduce you to the concept, please visit this link:

Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism™


Carl Wintermeyer

GEORGIAN PROBUS TRAVEL GROUP-upcoming trips for your pleasure
1. Scotland Islands and highlands. NEW DATE: May 08-23 2021. The deposits will be honoured for the new dates. Please contact Gloria at 705 -429-9455. Hope and pray this virus will be a distant memory by then.
2. NEW DATE: Portugal and Madeira May 2022. Interested persons, please call Gloria 705 429 9455
3. Croatia tour /yacht and bike ….land tour 11 Sept ,then bike /yacht tour of the islands 19 to 26 Sept 2021. For info and to join, call Jacqui. 647-404-9380.

The PROBUS Clubs of Georgian Bay Region have organized a Group Travel initiative, to encourage and facilitate worldwide travel for groups of like-minded people, i.e. PROBUS members. The trips scheduled tend to get filled up rather quickly, so you need to be on your toes! Please note the dates as they are generally quite far in advance. This enables the tour operators to negotiate better features and accommodations. Click on the blue button below for trips that are currently in the pipeline. Bon Voyage!

While travel dates seem far in the future, these trips fill up very quickly. Call the tour operators for availability ASAP.

Georgian PROBUS Travel Group

2020 Season CANCELLED

Many of our riders now use e-bikes so that they can maintain their fitness, climb the hills and have the great social interaction that cycling generates.

“Official Group rides” are on Tuesdays, weather permitting.

The objective of cycling is fitness and friendship, so, many members contact each other for rides outside of the PROBUS rides. For a group listing, go to the Member Listing page - login - select the Cycling tab.

Each member must sign a new waiver at the beginning of each season. As part of the waiver the member provides contact details so that they can be informed of weekly ride routes and status.

Please sign the waiver and have it witnessed and provide the original signed to PROBUS. PROBUS must have the signed waiver for you to participate in the rides.

Below are PDFs of the ‘Ride Leaders’ Guidelines’, the “Riders’ Guidelines’ and the waiver and ‘Incident Form’

Click on the Blue buttons to read online, or the Grey buttons to download to your computer.

Legal Waiver Guidlines for Riders Leader's Guidelines Incident Report

Legal Waiver
Guidlines for Riders
Leader's Guidelines
Incident Report

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