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In-person Activities are happening. Check your Groups - be vaccinated - wear a mask.

Investment Group

Investors will resme meetings in September.

Ed Long - July 2022

Computer Group NEW

The Computer Group is without a LOCAL leader. Plan B: Please visit my Blog at for your fill of techie stuff.

Focus is on the IT world: new developments, software and hardware issues, general discussion of high-tech.

Bill would also like to receive Requests and Questions Discussion Request

Masters of Kitchen Bridge

The Masters are an informal group of PROBUS Members who meet first Thursday of the month at the Legion.

Check the calendar for specific dates.

We welcome all who have an interest in the game of bridge -- whether a beginner or expert.

Play commences at 1:00 pm but, if you cannot come until later, come anyway. We will fit you into a game throughout the afternoon.

PROBUS Ski Legends

Ski Legends combines all PROBUS clubs in the region, and they maintain their own website: PROBUS Ski Legends Follow the link to their site - under Membership is an Application Form.

Tai Chi Group

We are currently forming a PROBUS Tai Chi Club. The purpose is to introduce our members to a Low impact activity which targets balance issues and sharpens the mind.

On the physical level, the TaoistTai Chi arts. exercise the entire physiology, including the tendons, joints, connective tissue and the internal organs. Working on these movements under the guidance of an accredited Instructor contributes to better balance and posture, Increased strength and flexibility, improved circulation, and peace of mind.
We hope to get a beginners class going by February.

To sign up or request further information please: Email Doug Ellsworth

To introduce you to the concept, please visit this link:

Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism™


Carl Wintermeyer

GEORGIAN PROBUS TRAVEL GROUP-upcoming trips for your pleasure
1.(UPDATE MARCH 2022) The oft postponed trip to the ISLANDS AND HIGHLANDS OF SCOTLAND has been deferred for another year to May 2023. A survey of those committed to the trip showed that this is not the best year, with mandatory family visits, and company credits being used. So for those under deposit, another year, count on it. For those interested in joining, watch for announcements in the fall. We do need about 25 people so think of other Probus people, family and friends. And hope this WAR and the GAS shortages are over soon.
2. NEW DATE: Portugal and Madeira May 2022. Interested persons, please call Gloria 705 429 9455

The PROBUS Clubs of Georgian Bay Region have organized a Group Travel initiative, to encourage and facilitate worldwide travel for groups of like-minded people, i.e. PROBUS members. The trips scheduled tend to get filled up rather quickly, so you need to be on your toes! Please note the dates as they are generally quite far in advance. This enables the tour operators to negotiate better features and accommodations. Click on the blue button below for trips that are currently in the pipeline. Bon Voyage!

While travel dates seem far in the future, these trips fill up very quickly. Call the tour operators for availability ASAP.

Georgian PROBUS Travel Group

Cycling Group

2022 Season Starts May 3rd

Many of our riders now use e-bikes so that they can maintain their fitness, climb the hills and have the great social interaction that cycling generates.

Official Group rides are on Tuesdays, weather permitting.

The objective of cycling is fitness and friendship, so, members are encouraged to contact each other for rides outside of the scheduled PROBUS rides. For a group listing, go to the Member Listing page - login - select the Cycling tab. Each member must sign the Cycling group Legal Waiver at the beginning of each season. As part of the waiver, the member provides contact details so that they can be informed of weekly ride routes and status.

Please sign the waiver and have it witnessed. Scan or take a photo of the completed waiver and email it to Monty at Probus must have the signed waiver for you to participate in the rides.

Below are PDFs of the Ride Leaders' Guidelines, the Riders’ Guidelines, the Waiver, the Incident Form, and the Ontario Cycling Skills document. Click on the Blue buttons to read online, red buttons to download the PDFs.

Cycling Committee Management Team

Management Functions Contact Phone
Ride Schedule Carl Wintermeyer 705-444-6796
Ride Leader Roster
Preride Team Roster
Discovery Ride Team Roster
Ride Leader Meeting
Committee Meeting Manager
Ride Poster Email Monty Richardson 705-888-2411
Ride Cancellations
Member Roster
Bandage Kit & Radios Dan Edwards 705-443-8833
Safety & Liability 705-443-8833
Member Surveys Dick Edwards 705 445 5849

Probus Club of Blue Mountain Cycling Group – Cyclist Guidelines


  1. All ride participants must be a member of the Probus Club of Blue Mountain or a guest of a member and all must sign or have signed a waiver
  2. Cyclist must have a bike in good working order
  3. Cyclist must be self-sufficient, not relying on others for flat repairs, water, food etc.
  4. Cyclist must bring a charged cell phone, ID, emergency information and proper clothing for the day.
  5. All riders must wear certified bike helmets. Mirrors and rear lights are required. 6. Cyclist must be able to meet the ride group fitness criteria
  6. ‘A’ Riders must be able to ride for 1.5 hr. at 20km/hr., ‘B’ Riders able to ride at an average 17km/hr.

Weather Policy Rides will be Cancelled if:

1.There is a forecast of 70% POP or more of rain or lightening or high winds

  1. It is raining at the start of the ride.

The decision in any case, will be the responsibility of the Ride Leader.

Email will be sent to riders the previous night or by 7:30am on the ride day, in the event of ride cancelation.

How We Ride

  • All groups are led by a volunteer Ride Leader (RL). RLs know the route, carry a cell phone and explain ride information to the group before departure

  • Riders are expected to follow their RL and ride “tight to the right” and observe all traffic rules

  • No rider shall ride ahead of the Ride Leader unless specific arrangements have been made

  • No stopping on road pavement; move off the road onto the shoulder

  • Left turns must made at right angles at intersections. NO RIDING AGAINST TRAFFIC


  • Before roll-away each rider must communicate with the RL to determine their group

  • Rider must advise the RL or sweep if they are leaving the group at any time during the ride.  Front riders should call out road hazards. Back riders should call out cars approaching.

  • Riders must signal all turns and stops

  • Any rider, if lost, should call the RL’s cell phone to establish how to find the group

E-BIKES (PEDELECS-electrical pedaling assistance as long as the bike is actually pedaled)

  • Pedelec riders must follow all the same guidelines as other bikes.

  • Pedelec riders must use caution and courtesy when passing on up-hills and by not passing the RL


  • Always ride predictably. No abrupt movements or over reactions to potholes, etc.

  • On a descent, riders at the front pedal to keep the pace up to ensure followers don’t have to brake.

  • Before the descent, allow extra space after the rider in front of you if you are fast downhill rider.

  • Pick your group realistically. Better to be comfortable in your group than continuously maxed out

  • Group rides are not races. We are there to support each other by taking turns in the wind.

  • When you see someone committing a ride foul politely say something. We are all responsible for the quality of our rides.

  • If you get a flat or chain off give a loud shout out right away or there is a chance someone will collide with you or the group will ride away without noticing you. If the group knows of your problem they will stop and help you fix it quickly.

  • Cyclists should not engage in any kind of confrontation with drivers or police officers. This includes hand gestures involving the centre digit.

Keep Safe, have fun and enjoy your ride with the Probus Club of Blue Mountain

Apr 13, 2022

Probus Blue Mountain Cycling jackets

Cycling Jackets

Time to order your Cycling jackets as our season of cycling resumes.

  • The price this year is $ 118 + tax
  • Sizes S, M, L, XL are available
  • We must have a minimum order of 12 jackets.

Contact George Christie: 705 445 2295 home 705 446 4060 cell

Probus Blue Mountain Cycling jerseys

Cycling Jerseys

Time to order your Cycling jerseys as our season of cycling resumes.

  • The price this year is $ 80 tax in
  • Sizes S, M, L, XL are available
  • We must have a minimum order of 12

Contact George Christie: 705 445 2295 home 705 446 4060 cell

PROBUS Paddling Group

Welcome to the PROBUS Paddling Group 2022 Schedule

Updated: July 5, 2022
  • August 19
    Fish Islands Oliphant Lake Huron - note date change
    for Details click here
    Leader: Carl Wintermeyer

    We will meet at Tim Hortons at 8:00 am to drive 1.5 hours to Oliphant on Lake Huron. The paddle will take us from the Government dock at Oliphant, west to the many islands that lead to Main Station Island, the site of a fishing village in the 1800’s. The main buildings built by Captain McGregor are still standing and the waters around the islands still have herring Whitefish and Lake Trout in the crystal clear waters surrounding the islands,( Although much less now). In the early 1800’s the fish were so thick they would lift themselves from the water, allowing them to be spotted from the stone fish tower on Main Station Island. Whiskey Island is where McGregor’s men went to drink it up after work. Smokehouse Island is where the native people smoked their fish. Lots of ship wrecks in the area from bygone days and we may see a few as we glide over the shallow waters. We end our trip at the government dock in Red Bay a trip of about 12 KM. Hope to be back in Wiarton for lunch at The Wiarton Inn and restaurant.

    Please contact the Trip Leader Carl Wintermeyer if you are going and if you will need a luncheon booking! Contact Carl if you need to rent a kayak, as this trip is most suitable to kayaks, not canoes. Please ensure that you have sent your Paddling waiver to Michael Coward.

  • September 8
    Moon River
    for Details click here
    Leader: Jim Higgins

    Moon River - Sept. 8. From Moon River Cottages, 894 Arnold Bay Rd, Mactier, ON P0C 1H0

    Bring Lunch. We will leave from behind Tim's on 1st St at 8.30 sharp and go to Hw 400 North. Take exit 185 onto Twelve Mile Bay Rd. In 13 km, turn right onto Harrison Trail, and then a sharp right onto Arnold Bay Road to it's end where we will arrive at Moon River Cottages at 10 am. Canoe rentals are $40.00 including parking. Parking only is $15.00. (bring cash)

    We will paddle upstream (very little current) for 1 hour to Moon River Falls where we will explore the wonderful Falls area and have our lunch. We then paddle back downstream and explore the river basin for as long as we like before heading to our vehicles.(Fishermen note: good Pike & Bass fishing)

    Confirm your attendance with Jim Higgins by Monday Sept. 5th, and advise if you would like to participate in a canoe rental. (Kayaks not available for rent there)

    Note: Cottage rentals may be available at that time (rustic, but clean). Let Jim Higgins know if you are interested.

Our inaugural Probus Blue Mountain Paddling group got off to a good start last year with three trips on two rivers and Collingwood harbour, the Nottawasaga, the Beaver River, and The Collingwood Harbour and islands.

We have a roster of 23 interested paddlers this year, and with more innovative trips planned for this year, this group may expand. We encourage both canoeists and kayakers to participate in these exploratory trips to places we may not have seen before. You can bring your own watercraft or rent from Local suppliers and use the membership list to partner on multi seat watercraft.

We have formed a committee to further our goals of getting our members out for some healthy exercise, visiting new water ways and companionship in the sport we like. We need more Trip leaders, so consider volunteering to lead a trip for the group.

Please review the trip schedule and choose your trip and contact the trip leader to register your choice. Register for the opening day trip on May 12 on the Beaver River by contacting Carl Wintermeyer at Please print and sign the waiver form and scan or photograph the paper copy and send to Michael Coward by email . You must have a signed Probus Paddling Group waiver registered to participate in all Probus Paddling group events.

Carl Wintermeyer

Legal Waiver 2022

Download PDF Legal Waiver 2022

PROBUS Club of Blue Mountain
P.O. Box 568
Collingwood, ON L9Y 4B2